“The Match 2” was the Best Entertainment of the Quarantine

In case you were sleeping under a rock yesterday afternoon, or already 15 bud lights deep into your Memorial Day weekend, you, like every other sports starved fan in the world got to watch some of the first live sports in months with the “The Match 2”. It featured Tiger Woods and Peyton Manning vs. Phil Mickelson and Tom Brady.

Everyone knew that the trash talk between these groupings would be prevalent given the egos and personalities involved and it didn’t take long before shots were being fired. They hadn’t even made it to the first tee yet before Peyton starting giving it to Brady and even brought his brother Eli Manning and Nick Foles into it.

You knew right then that these guys were definetly comfortable around each other and it was going to be a entertaining day watching them compete on the course. The football players weren’t the only ones with expertise in talking trash though, a little later Tiger gave Phil Mickelson a nice barb about never winning the US Open.

Tiger wasn’t done either, he hit Brady with maybe my favorite line of the day after Brady shanked yet another drive early on.

Anyone that’s ever played golf (and sucked at it) has heard that joke before and it plays everytime. Tiger’s delivery was perfect though, just so matter of fact with it. It was awesome. It was right around this moment I knew we had something here and it was going to be far more entertaining that lasts years match that was just between him and Phil Mickelson.

To Tigers credit, and to the delight of many of his fans, he looked very sharp yesterday which is a great sign considering he missed the majority of PGA events earlier this spring before everything was cancelled due to COVID-19. While The Medalist Golf Club where this took place is basically Tiger’s home course, (they even have specific tees for him) it was was still nice to see the 2019 Masters Champ out there doing his thing and gives hope that more wins could be in his future.

One guy who was not playing well at all on the other hand, was the GOAT of Football, Mr. Tom Brady. That one he shanked over to the 7th fairway wasn’t his first or last errant shot of the match.

It was actually sort of refreshing to see someone as perfect as Brady appears, to look exactly like me out there on the course at times. Being a life-long Patriots fan and still salty about Brady leaving for Tampa Bay, one side of me was filled with a sense of giddy-glee everytime he shanked one. The twitter trolls were out in full force as well, like sharks in the water they were getting their first sniff of Brady blood in 20 years and were loving it.

But the other side of me remembered all the joy he has brought me in my life over the years and was rooting for him to pull it together. And just when it seemed he wouldn’t make a Par all day, all it took was Charles Barkely talking a little shit in Brady’s ear and he goes and pulls this shit. GOAT status reconfirmed.

Just an unbelievable shot, definetly the shot of the match and just like that Brady’s attitude did a 180 and he started to lighten up and talk trash of his own. He’ll probably call up MJ later on and trade stories about telling Charles Barkely to suck it after shoving it back in his face. What a moment. I mean he put so much effort into that shot he even ripped his pants. What an athlete.

Honestly I don’t know Barkley has any ground to talk smack when he swings a club like this.

Back to the match itself, again unless you live under a rock or have no internet in quarantine you know that Tiger and Peyton ultimately pulled it out, winning by a hole even though Tom and Phil made a later charge on the back 9 after being down three holes. It was honestly a great day for not only golf but the world of sports, here’s a few more of the best moments of the day.

Justin Thomas honestly did an amazing job on the broadcast too, and this was his best line of the day aimed towards Barkley. Hilarious.

I was actually really impressed with Peyton’s game overall too, I guess that’s what retired life will get you.

This might be my favorite social media comment on the match from the day..

Brady still salty over that Eagles Super Bowl too.

Brady had some barbs of his own aimed towards Manning too.

Overall, despite the weather yesterday it was such an amazing event. These four guys really put on quite the show for us sports-starved fans and I know personally I am really grateful for that. Watching live sports again felt like a break from reality for a few hours. Not to mention the fact these guys made a boatload of money for for the COVID-19 relief fund, 20 million is nothing to sneeze at. Kudos to these guys.

P.s. Would you have ever thought Tiger was that much shorter than these guys, I mean I know Peyton and tom are like 6’3 & 6’4 range, but I had no idea Phil was 6’3 too. Online it says Tiger is 6’1 but judging from this picture thats like an NBA height, like when they say Kevin Durant is like 7’2 when he’s really like 6’10. I hope Tiger doesn’t catch a glimpse of this photo because his ego might resort back 08′ Tiger and start going wild again. Thank goodness Perkins restaurants are to-go orders only right now.

The Only Thing Josh Gordon Proves Is That Addiction Doesn’t Discriminate

Reports are flying in this morning that Patriots star wide-receiver Josh Gordon was leaving the team with a possible indefinite suspension looming for what has been assumed to be another failed drug test.

It comes as shocking news to many Patriots fans and has them even more concerned than they already were about their chances of making a deep playoff run again this January.

But for many New Englanders it shouldn’t come as a surprise, this story has been in the headlines many times over, just phrased in a different way.

New England has been ravaged with a fierce opiate epidemic for the better part of the past decade. Thousands have lost their lives, families have been torn apart. Even if your family hasn’t been directly affected, you could count on both hands and feet the amount of families or friends you know that were.

In 2017, 1,977 people died from opiate overdoses in just Massachusetts alone, slightly down from the 2016 total of 2,155. It’s an issue that has garnered a massive public health response and Massachusetts more than many other states has stopped ignoring the issue and has started putting more effective response measures in place. Still though, in the eyes of many it never seems to get better.

I provide you these grim details not to depress or scare you but in hopes you pause and think before judging one Josh Gordon.

Many will shame and ridicule him in the coming days for his poor decisions, wondering how in the world he could throw away a successful career in the NFL once again, just to get high. So many will think first about the effect this will have on our favorite football team before stopping to think why someone like Josh Gordon, a supremely talented athlete, could continue to throw his life away.

The reason Josh Gordon continues to fall back into drug use is the same exact reason the local kid from a wealthy New England town continues to fall back into the depths of heroin abuse.

They are both addicts. And addiction doesn’t discriminate.

Gordon upset

Credit Fieldgulls.com

If fame, money, and athletic prowess were enough to deter people from drug or alcohol addiction we certainly wouldn’t hear about the many celebrities that end up in rehab every year. I mean they even had a show on VH1 at one point named “Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew.”

Just because Josh Gordon was able to hold it together for a period of time this season, it doesn’t exclude him from the constant mental battles that occur in the mind of an addict. Many addicts can hold their lives together for a period, only to have it crumble around them if they aren’t taking the steps necessary to combat their addictions.

This has been a lifelong battle for Josh Gordon. He reports abusing drugs and alcohol as young as 12 years old. He openly stated that he used to drink alcohol prior to games in College and the NFL. Using some sort of substance was the only way he could feel “normal.” A sentiment that many a drug addict or alcoholic can relate to.

Yes, it’s a shame that Josh Gordon won’t be with the Patriots for an upcoming playoff run, but I think today’s news is a shame for another major reason.

When Gordon was traded to New England in September, I was excited and skeptical at the same time. But the more I thought about it, the more it struck me that maybe this 27-year-old famous athlete could stay sober and be successful with the Patriots. And while doing so not only make an impact on the field but make a bigger impact in the New England community as a pillar of hope for others struggling with addiction. Many people love and adore Tom Brady, but can you really relate to his life of supermodels, sports cars and avocado ice cream? Certainly not. But in Josh Gordon, a life filled with addiction and the trials and tribulations that come along with it, that is a story many in New England can relate to.

It’s a shame that never came to fruition for Josh Gordon, hopeful hypotheticals involving addicts hardly ever do. But it doesn’t mean we need to bash Josh Gordon for these recent developments, if anything it has taught us another tough lesson in the seemingly never-ending battle with addiction. It’s an issue we face not just in New England but everywhere in this country.


Credit USA Today

Very rare is the story of the addict or alcoholic that gets sober on the first try, for many like Gordon it’s the 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th time or more before it finally takes hold, if ever.

So again, I ask, before you judge Josh Gordon take a moment to delve into your own lives and the friends and families that have been ravaged by drug addiction or alcoholism. For many of them it wasn’t publicized on ESPN each and every time they slipped up or relapsed. And just because it wasn’t, doesn’t mean their struggles are any more or less than what Gordon may be going through.

Addiction does not discriminate. It doesn’t matter whether your catching touchdown passes from Tom Brady or you’re on the streets of Mass Ave in the throughs of heroin addiction. As so many of us already know, it can happen to any of us, please always remember that.



Tom Brady Owns Big Ben and The Steelers

This week we have the highly anticipated match up between the New England Patriots and the Pittsburgh Steelers. This yearly game seems to always live up to the hype and consistently is one of the most highly watched games of the NFL Season. Last year was no exception with one of the wildest endings we’ve ever seen and the Patriots sneaking out of Heinz Field with a 27-24 victory. It didn’t come without some controversy, (did Jesse James catch the ball?) but regardless it solidified the fact that the Steelers seem to never be able to beat Tom Brady who is now 10-2 lifetime vs them.

For such a well discussed rivalry, it really hasn’t been much of a rivalry at all. Brady over his career has consistently shredded the zone defense the Steelers like to play and his stats against them are baffling. He has completed 70 percent of his passes  for over 3800 yards and 25 touchdowns to just 4 interceptions. Basically Brady has had MVP numbers against his so called rival during the course of his career along with never losing to them in the playoffs. He hasn’t even lost a game against them since 2011.

Brady steelers 2

While this game is typically the battle for the 1 seed in the AFC, this year is a little different. The Patriots come in 9-4 and still in play for at least the 2nd seed but need to win from here on out if they wish to  avoid playing Wildcard weekend once again this year. . The Steelers on the other hand are 7-5-1 and are coming off back to back losses. This is almost a must win for them and they are at real risk to not only lose their division but also miss the playoffs entirely.

Patriots fans must be drooling at the chance to put a dagger in the hearts of this Steelers fan by handing them a loss and it would be the perfect way to rebound after the devastating loss we watched the last week in what has become known as the Miracle in Miami.

Last week we saw Tom Brady play arguably his best game of the season, with his history of success against Pittsburgh, I would look for another huge game from the GOAT. If we know anything it’s that he loves to kick in the Steelers teeth whenever he plays them and has never been shy when it comes to letting Pittsburgh and their fans how much he enjoys beating them


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