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Before I started at Full Sail, I had lived a strange and tumultuous life, full of many ups and downs and obstacles to overcome. I had turned things around and got married, got a dog, and well-paying job.

Paul Khailo

I had always thought I wanted to make plenty of money and everything in my life would sort itself out, that the money would make me happy. But then one day after working this career job for a few years, I started slowly but surely to despise this career and it struck me that money did not make me happy or fulfill my creative side in the slightest.

Me and Mom


If anything, it hampered it. Because of that depression I had slumped into, I knew I had to make a change and follow my heart instead of my wallet. I made the decision to go back to school for Sportscasting and pursue a career in sports, something that was a lifelong passion of mine.

Brady anfry

Because of that depression I had driven myself into, it provided me the courage to make a change. I finally got enrolled back in school and made it a reality instead of just talking about it like I had done for years prior. But they say things do happen for a reason, and I believe I had to get to the point where I absolutely could not face the continued idea of doing a job I hated for the rest of my life. Because of that bottom I hit, I have had the motivation to not just go back to school but excel along the way and put in the extra effort in all my classes thus far. Something I likely would not have had the motivation to do five years ago.


And ever since I have decided to pursue my passion for media my life and happiness has done a complete 180. I mustered the courage to leave the job that made me miserable to take one that is far less lucrative but as an entry-level position with NBC Sports at the Golf Channel headquarters in Orlando. In a shocking turn of events, I am much happier being able to work a job that pays less but revolves around sports and will only benefit me for a future career when I do finish school. I vividly remember having thoughts prior to all this that my career in sports was a pipe dream that I let go by the wayside, now I realize that dream has only just begun.


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