Reports of David Ortiz Being Shot During Attempted Robbery in the Dominican Republic

Details are still fuzzy as to what exactly has happened but there are reports that Boston Red Sox legend and future Hall of Famer David Ortiz was shot today in the Dominican Republic.

This news hits especially hard to the Boston area and its fans who view Ortiz as an absolute icon. Not only did he lead the Red Sox to three World Series championships over his career, but he was the rock the city needed following the 2013 Boston Marathon bombings and he gave this now famous and emotional speech.

Luckily preliminary reports are stating the gunshot was a leg wound but details are still sketchy at this point. We will bring you more updates as we learn more. But obviously at this time nothing but prayers to Ortiz and his entire family. If we know one thing about Ortiz is that he is #BostonStrong and if anyone can make it through something like this then it’s him.

The State of the MLB

When it hits fall usually my full focus is on football. This year I can’t help but see what’s going on in Major League Baseball. Not the National League though because almost every team in the playoffs in the American League (besides my Cleveland Indians) would be leading every division in the NL. I almost feel as if in any professional sport anymore one conference/division is significantly better than the other. For instance, the West runs shit in basketball, AL dominates in baseball, and the NFC is daddy to the AFC. I don’t know a damn thing about hockey, so I’ll let you guys go on a rant and crucify me for not incorporating the NHL into this blog. I see everyone screaming and shouting that in basketball they need to get rid of conferences and just go top 16 in the playoffs. Why just basketball? I am going to need you to bring that same energy into all the other sports. I don’t know about you guys, but I would love to see the top tier of the AL meaning the six teams they would put into the playoffs compared to the two teams the NL would put in if we got rid of divisions this year. Truthfully, the AL playoff series have me more excited than the potential World Series. Just like the NFC playoffs have me more excited than seeing who the Patriots are going to play in the Super Bowl. Don’t @ me either because I said the Pats, when you go to 8 out of 16 Super Bowls then you can say something to me. Regardless, I am praying to God we get the Red Sox-Yanks matchup in the first round. That rivalry has been dying for some playoff action. Also, the Tribe-Astros is going to be a heated rivalry due to the fact that Trevor Bauer basically told Houston they’re cheaters and they suck. Well not exactly that wording, but that’s where my over-dramatic mind takes it. Simply put though what matchup in the NL makes you go, “This is must-see television”. Not one damn game. Possibly the Brewers-Cubbies, but realistically the Cubs are just going to show the Brews that they’re still daddy. America’s past time is on the decline and I pray to God the AL playoffs somehow revamp it and make it exciting again. Judging the Indians, Yanks, Sox, and Astros run differential are all greater than every NL team. If it was anything like last year prefer for some major bombs to be dropped. If not pretty soon they’re going to have to turn the blind eye and let these guys get back to the golden steroid era so baseball will be enjoyable again.


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