College Football Week 6 Picks: Upset Week

We are off to another week of College Football and another chance to break .500 on the year for betting. The bright side is the spreads are becoming smaller and smaller, so the top ten teams are finally giving me a chance to pick legit games. On the year I am looking at a subpar 10-14-1 record. With one magical week I can look like a hero. So, without further ado I bring to you, my week six College Football picks.

#1 Alabama @ Arkansas-Saturday 12 PM

For the past two weeks I gave into the Crimson Tide and deemed them as Gods of the spread covering every game they’ve had. The past two weeks they have screwed me royally. Am I willing to go back to betting against them with their matchup verse the Razorbacks? Not a God Damn chance. I am going to continue to Roll Tide and lay down the 35 points given to me and pick Bama to come out big in this stellar SEC matchup of David vs. Goliath.

#19 Texas vs. #7 Oklahoma-Saturday 12 PM

Texas fans hate me at this point judging I have picked against Texas every week so far. How has that faired out for me well they’re 2-3 so far. You know who is tied with them at 2-3 this year, the Sooners. I have zero faith in the Sooners defense. It’s Red River Rivalry. Last year against a way better Sooners team the Longhorns kept it close losing by only five. I say it’s the same thing this year. Give me those seven points and I am going to Hook Em’. I am half tempted to even throw out the points and take the money line. I don’t believe “Texas is Back”, but I think they can get back on the right foot and shock the nation with a win.

Kansas @ #9 West Virginia- Saturday 12 PM

Have you ever been to Morgantown on a Saturday? There is a 100% chance you will be flashed and passed out drunk by the time the 3:30 games kickoff. I am going to lay down the 27.5 points being given to me and roll with Mountaineers. Will Grier lights up the defense and the scoreboard. Mountaineers are 4-0 this year ATS.

#4 Clemson @ Wake Forest- Saturday 3:30 PM

I remember not too long ago I stamped my name of approval on the Demon Deacons to cover at home verse Notre Dame. Boy was I wrong. The Demon Deacons are 1-4 ATS this year, but you know who is tied with them? The Clemson Tigers. Now there has been so much chatter about the Clemson team this year especially in relation to the College Football playoff. I have bashed them and bashed them and bashed them. I am going to ride with the Tigers this week to get to peak performance even with Trevor Lawrence coming off injury and lay down the 20.5 given to me. BUT if Trevor Lawrence is deemed not playing ride high with the Demon Deacons.

#5 LSU @ #22 Florida- Saturday 3:30 PM

This has upset potential written all over it. Gainesville, October, not the same Gators who fold all the time. Their one loss came at the hands of Kentucky who is having a monster truck year. The spread is 2.5 and that is a perfect spread for me. I am going to roll with the Gators. They’re 4-1 ATS this year. It’s going to be electric in Gainesville. The Tigers look ahead to Georgia next week and get upset at the Swamp.

Indiana @ #3 Ohio State- Saturday 4:00 PM

Buckeyes fans might remember what happened last year after they beat Penn State. Need a reminder it goes by the name of Iowa Hawkeyes. The spread is saying 26.5 points. I am going to go with the Buckeyes in the Shoe. Reason being Indiana is 1-4 ATS this year if the record was somewhat better I would go with the Hoosiers being the Buckeyes are beat up.

Vanderbilt @ #2 Georgia- Saturday 7:30 PM

Bulldogs cover the 27 point spread and get ready to take on LSU who will be hungry after they get upset by the Gators.

#8 Auburn vs. Mississippi State- Saturday 7:30 PM

Auburn has had a brutal schedule so far and its starting to show with their recent performances. This is a great SEC matchup against a very underrated opponent. I am going to roll with the Bulldogs. Side note is every team in the south named a Bulldog or a Tiger?

#10 Washington @ UCLA- Saturday 7:30 PM

LOL Washington covers the 21 point spread.

#6 Notre Dame vs. #24 Virginia Tech-Saturday 8:00 PM

What usually happens when the Irish are considered real contenders? They blow it. Hokie Nation loves me and I love them back. I am going to take the 7 points I am getting, I am going to take Va. Tech, and yes this is the week of all the damn upsets. I see potentially three or four going down and yes this is one of them. HOKIE NATION! Make me proud.

NFL Week 3 Picks, Make Yo Self Some Money this Weekend!

Week 3 of the NFL season is upon us, and after the first two weeks NFL favorites are 19-11-2 against the spread. Picking NFL games is as hard as ever especially early on in the season so that’s why we’re here to help. This is our first post containing our weekly picks brought to you in conjunction by myself and Ricky “the bookie” Jones along with his sidekick, Hesh “the degenerate”. Ricky will provide the picks based off where he sees the money coming in, and how the sharps are viewing this weeks match-ups. Hesh will provide insider info, like how he knows Philip Rivers knocked up his wife again for their 11th child, and so he likes the Chargers this week. Or how a certain kicker likes to party and do cocaine when in Miami, so fade that team this weekend. And I’ll give you a brief analysis of said picks because Ricky doesn’t write so well. (That’s what happens when you drop out in the 9th grade and start a sports book). 

Also at the bottom we will give you a parlay play of the week for you true degenerates out there, along with the locks of the week you should hammer. Added as well will be the the picks from Sportaholic Preposterous’ own Mike Fabian and Paul Liacos. We will keep a running tally all season and see if Michael and I can “beat the book” when it comes to picking games this season.



Jets @ Browns: Thursday Night 8:20 PM ET: Browns -3

Darnold and the Jet’s struggled against a tough Miami Dolphins’ defense last weekend, things won’t get easier traveling to the Dog Pound in Cleveland. The Browns finally win their first game in 21 Months but they don’t cover. The book likes the Jets +3 



Bills @ Vikings: Sunday 1:00 PM ET: Vikings -16.5 

The spread is huge and usually you take the dog with the spread like this, but the Bills are on pace to be historically bad. You shouldn’t pick them in any game this season unless it’s a table breaking contest: Vikings cover -16.5



Giants @ Texans: Sunday 1:00 PM ET: Texans -6 

The book likes the Giants to rebound this week after an embarrassing performance on Sunday night against the Cowboys. Texans have looked shaky so far this season with a 0-2 start and Bill O’Brien will soon be on the hot seat after this game. 🚨UPSET ALERT🚨: The book likes the Giants to win outright in Houston 



Packers @ Redskins: Sunday 1:00 PM ET: Packers -3 

The Packers are a sub par at best road team, the book sees this as a close game and anticipates Alex Smith catching fire and pulling out a huge win at home in a rebound from last weeks stinker against the Colts. 🚨UPSET ALERT🚨. Skins’ win outright 



49ers @ Chiefs: Sunday 1:00 PM ET: Chiefs -6.5 

Sexy ass Jimmy G waltzes into Arrowhead and slangs the rock all over the field against a Chiefs secondary that has looked terrible thus far. Mahomes falls back to reality and throws a couple picks. The book likes 49ers +6.5 



Raiders @ Dolphins: Sunday 1:00 PM ET: Dolphins -3 

The book likes the Dolphins this week in the most unwatchable game of the weekend. Phins move to 3-0 on the season, and Gruden starts hearing the Grumors about himself after this loss and the Raiders fall to 0-3:  Dolphins cover



Colts @ Eagles: Sunday 1:00 PM ET: Eagles -6.5 

Book sees this as a closer game than people think, Carson Wentz in his first game back will struggle early against a surprising Colts team led by the reemergence of Andrew Luck. Eagles rally and win by a field goal late: Colts +6.5 



Titans @ Jaguars: Sunday 1:00 PM: Jags -6.5 

Jags coming off a stellar performance at home will do the same thing this week against the Titans and prove they are now top dog in AFC. The book likes the Jags in a blowout over a Titans team that has played very inconsistent and may be without Mariota who will most likely be a game time decision this week.  Jags cover 



Bengals @ Panthers: Sunday 1:00 PM ET: Panthers -3 

The book likes the Panthers at home in this match-up of dominant big cats. Carolina forces 2+ turnovers and that should be all its takes at home. Cincinnati, without Joe Mixon suffers first loss of the season. Panthers cover 



Broncos @ Ravens: Sunday 1:00 PM ET: Ravens -5.5  

Ravens play great at home, Chase Daniels struggles this week against a Ravens defense that rebounds from a disappointing performance in Week 2. Baltimore blows out the Broncos at home. The book likes Ravens to cover



Saints @ Falcons: Sunday 1:00 PM ET: Falcons -3 

Rivalry game this week in an AFC south match-up of two preseason favorites in the NFC. Game could go either way and Vegas sees the money coming in early on the Falcons. Matt Ryan and that offense are tough to beat at home. The book likes Falcons to cover



Chargers @ Rams: Sunday 4:05 PM ET: Rams -7 

Rams are the best team in the league and it’s not even close at this point. The book has the Rams running away with this game early on and the Chargers struggle to move the ball all day against a loaded defense. The book likes Rams to cover



Bears @ Cardinals: Sunday 4:25 PM ET: Bears -6 

Chicago might have the best defense in football after the Rams. Cardinals have looked atrocious thus far this season and Sam Bradford may end up in the morgue when this game is through. In a low scoring game the book likes the Bears to cover



Cowboys @ Seahawks: Sunday 4:25 PM ET: Seahawks -1.5 

Seahawks offense looked horrible against the Bears strong defense last Monday night but the book has them to finding a way to win this game late on a field goal against a Dallas team coming off a big win at home against the Division rival Giants. The book likes the Seahawks to cover. 



Patriots @ Lions: Sunday 8:20 PM ET: Patriots -6.5 

Patriots bounce back big time in Detroit after a terrible performance last week in Jacksonville. The Pats in the Belichick era rarely drop 2 games in a row. Won’t matter that they’re facing their old DC in Matt Patricia. Brady has a GOAT performance. The book likes the Patriots to cover 



Steelers @ Bucs: Monday 8:15 PM ET: Steelers -1 

Steelers look like a team in turmoil with Antonio Brown skipping a day of practice this week. Bucs’ are coming off a crazy hot start and the crowd will be jumping for the first time in a while on Monday night in Tampa Bay. Fitzmagic continues his hot start and makes Jameis Winston reminisce about what his career could have been if he didn’t have the makings of a presumed sex offender. The book likes the Bucs’ +1

Parlay Play of the Week: Money Line – Skins’, Falcons, Rams, Bears, Ravens

Locks of the week: Ravens -5.5, 49ers +6.5, Bears -6

Fabian’s Picks:

Browns -3 (Homer Pick), Bills +16.5, Giants +6, Packers -3, Kansas City -6.5, Dolphins -3, Eagles -6.5, Jags -6.5, Panthers -3, Broncos +5.5, Falcons -3, Rams -7, Cardinals +6, Seattle -1.5, Patriots -6.5, Buccaneers +1

Locks of the Week: Jags -6.5, Rams -7, Seahawks -1.5

Pauly Yacos’ Picks: 

Browns -3, Vikings – 16.5, Texans -3, Packers -3, 49ers +6.5, Dolphins -3, Colts +6.5, Titans +6.5, Bengals +3, Ravens -5.5, Falcons -3, Rams -7, Bears -6, Cowboys +1.5, Patriots -6.5 Bucs’ +1

Locks of the Week: Patriots -6.5, Bears -6, Bucs’ +1


Tune is next week to find out who’s picks were absolute trash, and who comes out on top. Along with an entire breakdown and picks of Week 4 NFL games.


College Football Week 4 Picks

Here is the blog where I try and act like I am Vegas, sounds pretty damn stupid when you say it out loud. Growing up I was taught one thing by my stepdad, “Vegas wasn’t built off winners”, but yet I find my degenerate ass trying to be the man who wins on parlays and beat the spread. In my mind, everything is a lock. If I pick it, it’s winning, I am right your wrong. Don’t @ me. During this wonderful season of lopsided non-conference games, the favorites have covered 46.3% of the time. For those of you that don’t like percentages and rather have records that’s 107-119-5, if you’re too simple-minded to understand that, the favorites have won 107 of 231 games against the spread. Math is one hell of a drug. This week I am going to give you a breakdown of my “Dear God I hope I am right picks” for the top ten College Football games and if I feel spontaneous enough I might even drop one or two games outside of the top ten (that’s called foreshadowing).

Penn State vs. Illinois- 9:00 PM- Friday- 9/21

We have a classic powerhouse BIG Ten school versus a prominent high school football team. The (cat)Fighting Illini have made a living off beating the dominant MAC school, Kent State and the polarizing Missouri Valley Conference team, Western Illinois (shout out to Youngstown State beat that ass this weekend). They lost to USF at home 25 to 19. I don’t even know why I am giving this attention right now. I’ll just get to the pick Penn State is 2-1 as a favorite this year and since 2010 is 33-31-3 in conference play ATS compared to Illinois who is 28-38 ATS. I’m going to ride with Penn State to cover the 28 points. Even though the Lions haven’t impressed me much and can easily overlook this game with the Buckeyes coming to town next week.

Georgia vs. Missouri- 12:00 PM- Saturday-9/22

Watch out now the SEC is getting into conference play, so we finally get to watch great SEC teams’ body lesser SEC teams. Since Barry Odom took over at Missouri in 2015 the Tigers are 10-14 ATS in conference games compared to Kirby Smart who took over the Bulldogs in 2016 who is 12-7 ATS in conference games. The Bulldogs are also 14-10 (2-1 this year) ATS as favorites and 6-2 as away favorites. Needless to say, I am laying down the 14 point spread and taking the Bulldogs.

Notre Dame vs. Wake Forest- 12:00 PM- Saturday-9/22

Well, guys here it is, if you’ve read this and said he’s taken all of the favorites this is where I throw the curveball. Notre Dame has done absolutely nothing for me to say, “Hey ND is going to cover and molly wop the shit out of Wake Forest”. Even with the downside of the ACC, I am not sold on the Irish who have had three straight home games and only covered the spread once. I am willing to take the 7.5 points I am getting against the Irish and take a Demon Deacon team who is 0-3 ATS this year.

Ohio State vs. Tulane- 3:30 PM- Saturday- 9/22

It seems as if the Buckeyes have taken a page out of Nick Saban’s book and put a girl scout team before a big conference game. I am not even going to acknowledge this or go into statistics. Ohio State covers the 37 points.

Alabama vs. Texas A&M- 3:30 PM-Saturday- 9/22

I had to double take and make sure I read this right. Holy shit! Alabama is actually playing a ranked opponent. Oh wait, the Aggies are now a part of the SEC, go figure. The Tide are 54-42-1 ATS in conference play under Saban compared to the Aggies who are 37-51-1 ATS. Unless Johnny Manziel comes out and plays QB after a night of rolling up fresh 100-dollar bills in the bathroom I see no hope the Aggies cover the 27-point spread against Tua and the Tide. In case you missed it, last week Bama won 62-7 on the road and haven’t scored less than 50 points so far this year.

Clemson vs. Georgia Tech- 3:30 PM- Saturday-9/22

I am not sold on Clemson this year, but I am also not a heavy fan of Georgia Tech being the team to knock them off. Here’s my shocker though I am going to take the 16.5 points BetCity777 is giving me and take Georgia Tech. The Tigers are 46-38-1 since Dabo took over in 2008, but right behind them at 42-37-5 since Paul Johnson took over in 2008 is Georgia Tech. The reason I am not sold on Clemson is the slow starts and most of all quarterback play by the Tigers. They also have a record 17-19 ATS as away favorites since 2008.

Oklahoma vs. Army- 7:00 PM- Saturday-9/22

Do I really have to give you statistical data of why I think Oklahoma is going to cover 31.5 points at home after a mediocre performance against Iowa State? God Bless our military but come on now.

LSU vs. Louisiana Tech- 7:00 PM-Saturday-9/22

You guys are going to start to think I am getting lazy with my explanation, but LSU at home in a “juggernaut” non-conference game. I’ll lay down the 21 points, I am all in on Joey Burrows.

Auburn vs. Arkansas-7:30 PM-Saturday-9/22

I guess I’ll have some fun with this. Auburn is absolutely terrible ATS, even after they lose which they’re 8-10. Arkansas is 10-6 ATS as the away underdog. Give me those 30 points baby! I am rolling with the Razorbacks to cover. NOT SO FAST MY FRIEND, Auburn is 25-17 since 2013 in conference play when Gus Malzahn took over the Tigers. I see them pummeling the Razorbacks after a loss last week to LSU and trying to bounce back in a heavy way. You guys see how I did that there? That’s called creativity and originality.

Stanford vs. Oregon- 8:00 PM- Saturday- 9/22

Finally, a game where the spread is manageable. Stanford is 42-25-1 since 2011when David Shaw took over compared to the Ducks who are 4-5 ATS in conference games. Why is this game so interesting? Stanford blew out the Ducks last year 49-7 at home. Now they have to travel to Oregon who is starting to show signs of the old Ducks that we know and love. I look at this as a game to showcase their abilities. I am going to take Stanford and lay down the two points, but I’ve never been iffier on a game. I really think the Ducks can shock them, any more than three points and I would take Oregon.

Washington vs. Arizona State- 10:30 PM- Saturday- 9/22

No one is going to be awake for this game anyways, but I am taking Washington who is somehow still in the hunt for a College Football Playoff berth. The spread on this game is 17.5 and I feel like that’s a fair margin due to the fact that Washington really isn’t a bad team. If the game against Auburn was a true non-conference road game instead of in Atlanta, that game could’ve been extremely different.

Outside of Top Ten games to watch:

TCU -3.5 vs. Texas- 4:30 PM- Saturday- 9/22

Boston College vs. Purdue +6.5- 12:00 PM- Saturday- 9/22

Texas Tech vs. Oklahoma State -13- 7:00 PM-Saturday-9/22

Wisconsin vs. Iowa +3- 8:30 PM- Saturday- 9/22

Sports Gambling Picks, Coming Next Week

Many of you will be watching some form of football this weekend.  And whether it’s College or Pro, a lot of you will be looking to place some action on those games. Some of you might know what you’re doing and feel educated in your picks, but most of you will be placing bets in a reckless and degenerate fashion and by the end of this weekend will be questioning the meaning of life. (Don’t worry you can always make it all back on Monday Night)  And that is why Sportaholic Preposterous is proud to announce that starting next week we’ll be here to help you with all your gambling needs. We’ll inform you on what picks we love and advise you what to lay your hard-earned money on, and also which games to stay away from like a bad case of herpes.  We’ll provide insight and coverage that will put you in the best position to have a successful weekend and make it to Monday without having to refinance your home and crying yourself to sleep.

We will provide picks on all major College and NFL games, along with over/unders, parlays, and smart teaser plays for that week. All of our picks will be provided on Thursday nights by 7PM ET before the start of Thursday Night Football and will be subject to change as lines move throughout the weekend.



For college games, we will be gathering our picks from College Football insider Mike Fabian (@mike_fabian13), who so far this season is a remarkable 8-2 on his locks of the week. Mike will provide his locks and other picks, his stay away games, and other insight to make you a winner-winner chicken dinner bettor every week in the world of college football.


For NFL games, we will rely on Ricky “The Bookie” Jones who will have insight into some of the largest sport books across the country.  Ricky will provide that insight to you, the degenerate gambler, so that you can make your picks based on where the money’s coming in that week and who Vegas views as the best bets for their pockets that weekend.  Ricky “The Bookie” Jones is clearly not his real name, and for legal reasons he will stay anonymous. But we couldn’t think of a better NFL betting insider than the guy who sees where the money’s coming in across the board to help you with those ever-so-difficult NFL games.


As this thing grows, we will also begin to provide MLB, NBA, and NHL picks, along with occasional WNBA parlay for you true degenerates out there.  In the near future, we will strive to provide these picks in the form of podcast/video, so keep an eye out for that as well. We look forward to helping you make some money this season and to helping those of you already in the hole turn it around and make this your most successful season yet.

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