Speculation: OBJ Has Inside Information Regarding Off-Season Trades

While it’s early in the off-season, plenty of drama has been making the regular circulatory rounds on social media, namely Twitter.

After Antonio Brown’s recent farewell to Steelers fans, Odell Beckham Jr. of the New York Giants has taken to Twitter himself with a rather cryptic tweet.

Theorists already gather that Beckham Jr. has some insider information as to a trade that may bring a “certain someone” to New York. Others are guessing OBJ may play a part in a trade deal to leave New York.

Brown has officially asked to be released from the Steelers organization and they have until March to make a trade if they don’t want to give him his roster bonus.

What has already shaped up to be a whirlwind off-season in the first few weeks is only going to pick up traction as we head towards the 2019 draft

Browns sign Kareem Hunt

The Cleveland Browns have signed the former Chief’s RB Kareem Hunt.

After all the turmoil in the wake of the footage that cost him his job in KC, this is quite the off season move for the Browns.

Speculation that he will be traded for draft picks is already on the rise, but it’s the beginning of what is shaping up to be a big move making off season for many teams.

Indianapolis Looking Like 2014 All Over Again

Being one of the leagues underdog stories this season, the Indianapolis Colts have raised yet another pointless homage to their post season appearance. This time in the form of a flag rather than a banner hanging from the rafters.

Reminiscent of their “2014 AFC Finalist” banner that was unforgettably laughable, the folks at Lucas Oil Stadium have one upped themselves with a “1-0” flag to represent their recent win over Houston.

Don’t get me wrong, Indianapolis HAS been a true underdog story this season. Luck has been playing at a higher level, as well as being sacked a league low 17 times during the regular season, including an impressive five game stretch with 0 sacks.

After making the playoffs on the last game of the season, and beating the Texans 21-7 the Colts look to take on Kansas City this Saturday.

There is a great chance they’ll decide not to raise the “1-1” flag when Indianapolis returns from what’s sure to be a loss, but folks in Indy are on the hype train, and it’s all thanks due to the offensive line that’s carried them this far.

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