Happy Friday! Here’s a Video of the Absolute Worst People from the Covid-19 Pandemic

Listen, I get it, wearing a mask sucks. They are uncomfortable and hard to breathe through at times and if I haven’t brushed my teeth or had a mint recently it’s like being self tortured by a mouth breathing mongoloid and there’s nothing worse than that. But this is the world we live in currently. When you go into a public setting, and they require you to wear a mask, you need to wear a fucking mask. You do not need to act like these savages from this video.

Coughing/spitting on people and assaulting them because you are being forced to do something that might actually help society for once in your miserable white trash lives isn’t the answer. I’m so happy these videos exist so these people can be dragged through the internet streets for the rest of time.

It’s not a goddamn violation of your civil liberties or freedom because you have to wear a mask for the 30 mins or less you are in a store, its common sense. COVID is a respiratory illness, so preventing everyone from breathing all over each other is probably a good idea. You think it’s so awful because you have to wear a mask, oh boo hoo, try pulling this shit in China. I’m pretty sure it’s immediate death by firing squad if you even think about not putting a mask on when you leave the house there. I mean Jesus, they’re even making the cats wear masks there.

By the way, this isn’t the first time stores have ever required a certain article of clothing to be worn in them. Hello, have you ever heard of “No shirt, No shoes, No service”? Maybe next you should just assault the guy at 7/11 when he tells you to throw some sandals on before you come in for that 64oz Blue Mountain Dew Slushie. Because make no mistake, the people in this video are the same psychopaths and garbage humans that would walk into a 7/11 with no shoes on.

I gotta give a hand to the employees in these videos though. They somehow are remaining calm and keeping up that corporate appearance in the face of absolute lunacy. If someone coughed or spit on me with Coronavirus going on! I’m legit going to murder you and I’m pretty sure I’ll get off in court claiming self-defense of my immune system.

So anyway, here’s a ranking of these trasholes for further examination. Enjoy.

5. Hole in Mask Lady (Karen Level 5.7)

Hole in mask lady comes in at number 5 because she doesn’t actually do anything to the worker or anything offensive at all really. She just wins for the biggest fucking idiot of the group. She defeated the entire purpose of the mask and if she’s not careful one of those BDSM weirdos out there might think she’s sending mixed messages about how that hole should be used. Yikes.

4. FedEx Store Lady (Karen Level 7.3)

For starters, this lady is a fucking idiot for even being in a FedEx store. It’s 2020 lady, I can send and receive any package imaginable in about 3 seconds from the comfort of my couch. Get it together. Secondly, we have our first cougher, so death would be an acceptable fate but I’ll give her some benefit that she isn’t coughing directly on people. But not much. Given her white trash, titties showing through the shirt appearance, I would assume she smokes no less than a carton of Marlboro Menthols every day so maybe she just had a random smokers cough and her fate will come soon enough. We can only hope.

3. Cough directly in your face Lady (Karen Level 8.6)

Maybe a shocker that this lady isn’t number one I know, but there’s a lack of context here that makes it difficult to judge. The guy whose face she’s coughing into isn’t wearing a mask either so it likely wasn’t about that. For all we know he was being that creepy dude at the bar and this was her absolutely ridiculous response to that. She honestly might have given him the easy way out. He looks like a frail old man and she looks like a tank of lady that could probably play offensive line for the local college team. Still, the closeness of the cough is just preposterous. If she has COVID, that guys now has COVID. It’s facts. Death by stoning for this broad.

2. Spitting in Walmart Employee’s Face Lady (Karen Level 9.5)

COVID or not, you spit in my face and I’m probably throwing hands. No minimum wage Walmart Cashier Job is going to prevent that, but kudos to these guys for keeping their cool. We also have our first Cough & Spit contestant of the day with this crazy bitch too. Just a wild, wild move. I can almost guarantee this is one of those situations where someone placed a Flat Screen TV in the Dollar Bin and Karen can’t wrap her head around that the actual price is $799. Instead she felt the need to start spraying bodily fluids on people. Fuck this lady, Death by a million needles. P.S. Run a comb through that hair for me one-time lady, it’s tough to classify you as an actual Karen with your hair looking like that. Get it together.

1. I have a Medical Condition Lady (Karen Level 10.0)

Unfortunately, this lady was the one actually filming the video so we don’t get to view her undoubtedly permanent pissy bitch face and attitude but you get all you need out of what she says. “I have a medical condition so I can’t wear a mask”. I can tell by the look on his face, Dan the store manager here has the same thought as me but can’t say it, so I’ll do it for him. WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU ARE YOU EVEN OUT IF YOU HAVE A MEDICAL CONDITION YOU STUPID STUPID LADY!!!! She continues to berate him, claims she can’t have him grab the stuff she needs because it’s private stuff? Chill lady, Dan is definitely a Dad and he’s seen a box of tampons before. Then she states she will sue the store to which Dan just shrugs which is my favorite part.

Fuck this Lady. While she may not deserve death like some of the others, I can guarantee she is the worst one of the lot to be around for an extended period of time. Just an absolute Debbie Downer who will find a way to ruin anything.

So in conclusion, don’t be like these people. No one is telling you that you have to wear a mask 24/7 or anytime you step outside. Matter of fact if I see you wearing a mask running or riding a bike I find you just as stupid as these people who refuse to. When you go in stores or public settings just throw it the fuck on. Hopefully, just maybe, it will help prevent us from being locked in our houses for the rest of time and prevent the economic disaster we have already from getting worse. Also, be nice to these employees that are actually out working putting their own health at risk on a daily basis, they deserve to be treated with respect always, but especially now. Have a great Memorial Day everyone and stay safe.

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