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Jackass of the Day: Dak Prescott Turns Down 5 Year, $175 Million Dollar Contract

When I first saw this tweet on my timeline this morning I thought for sure it had to be a joke. Who in their right mind would even offer Dak Prescott that much money, the richest in NFL history thus far.

Then I remembered Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, likely super drunk off a $500 dollar bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue, would absolutely offer a Quarterback that led his team to 8-8 record last season a contract such as this. I have to imagine Jerry’s house must be looking like a Phi Delta Theta fraternity after a 3 month bender in quarantine.

Anyways, before I sound like I’m trashing Dak Prescott like he’s equivalent to Mitch Trubisky, I’ll admit I believe he is a top 10 quarterback in the NFL and he does deserve a huge payday from the Cowboys. When you are the face of America’s team (and the most valuable sports franchise on Earth) and will be for the forseeable future, you should be compensated fairly. But 5 years, $175 million dollars seems like bananaland for a QB whos last name isn’t Mahommes or Rodgers.

I mean these are respectable stats for a QB after four years, but not highest paid player of all-time stats. (Side Note: “The Fortress” is the worst nickname I’ve ever heard).

So you would think, that a guy like that would understand that he was getting an incredible deal when offered such a contract and would sign on the dotted line immediately. Nope. Prescott apparently turned the deal down in hopes of a deal which nets him $45 million on the last year of the deal.

I’m all for players taking greedy owners to the woodshed come contract time, especially in a league like the NFL. Your career could literally end on any play so it makes sense to get the most guaranteed money and biggest contract possible. I’m all in favor of that. Butttttttttt……maybe read the room for me one time dude. There is currently a worldwide pandemic going on, 35 million Americans are out of work, and you’re out here turning down $175 million dollar contracts? Small business’s are shuttering by the day and your griping about 10 million more dollars that will be due to you 5 years from now? As stupid as the Cowboys may be for offering a deal like this, Prescott might have just made them look like the smart ones by turning it down. I mean I guess if you got warmup moves like this you can afford to be a greedy dick while the world burns around you..

And again, before everyone chimes in how players deserve all the money they can get or that this contract will look like a bargain compared to what Patrick Mahommes will receive soon, I get it and I can agree with that. But someone in Prescott’s camp has to at least think about how giant of an asshole their client might look like when it leaks that he turned down that much money in todays climate. Again, read the room for me one time homie. Not to mention, when you are the Quarterback of maybe the most iconic franchise in the world of sports, that comes with millions and millions of endorsements deals. I mean I hear Donovan McNabb is still living off his Chunky Campbell Soup money, whats Dak’s issue then?

Anyways, I’m personally someone that is lucky and grateful to still be working during this pandemic we are facing as a country, so as annoyed as this might make me, there are millions who are unemployed right now that this might seriously pisses off, and I completely understand that. Which is why, I will leave you with this video of Dak Prescott getting the shit kicked out of him on spring break or something from back in his college days. The video quality sucks and he pretty much got jumped which isn’t really cool, but I’m trying to help some of those who are unemployed and hate Prescott right now feel better so too bad. Enjoy.


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