Pentagon Basically Confirms UFO’s are Real, 2020 Remains Undefeated

The first thing trending this Tuesday morning are reports that the Pentagon has declassified videos from the US Navy, confirming that they are real and are UFO’s.

Now if these videos look familiar, especially for your other Alien truthers out there, it’s because they are not technically new footage. These tapes were already leaked in the past couple years and have already circulated the internet multiple times. Whats different now you may ask then? The Pentagon declassified them, confirming it is real footage capture by real Navy pilots and we have no idea what the hell these objects are. The same government that has basically assured us there is no such thing as aliens for that past 75 years now has all of a sudden decided to basically confirm their existence in the middle of a pandemic. Coincidence? The Alex Jones, tinfoil hat side of me thinks not.

The governement already did confirm these videos were real back in 2017, so why put them in our face again now? Are they trying to get us ready because the aliens are almost here and its going to be Independence Day 2020 soon? Will Smith better stop making shitty movies and get it together if thats the case because we’re gonna need him.

The Twitter world has been ablaze with hilarious memes and jokes this morning as well, with #AliensExist now trending

With the craziness that 2020 has already brought us it almost feels like aliens arriving would almost be welcomed at this point. I mean they have been around for like a billion more years then us so they must have a Coronavirus vaccine by now right? Even if we have to be enslaved by Aliens for the rest of time if I can at least get sports back I think that’s a deal I’m willing to make right now.

Maybe this is just a part of an elaborate PR campaign for Space Jam 2. LeBron had enough of MJ getting all this shine for the new Last Dance documentary and decided to fight Aliens for real this time. It’s probably his only shot left at being considered the GOAT.

But in all seriousness, who knows what the hell this all means. It’s not like the Government just realized there are actually aliens or UFO’s if they really do exist. They have definitely known about all this for decades. If you’re looking to go on an alien conspiracy deep dive, I’d suggest starting with Bob Lazar, the guy claims he worked on real alien spacecraft back in the 80’s at Area 51. And while the government has repeatedly denied he ever worked there and is full of shit, his story is pretty convincing if you keep an open mind. Below is the podcast from when he was on the Joe Rogan Experience and he’s had other documentary and YouTube films made about him that are eye opening. Think you what you want, but for as strange as 2020 has already been I say bring on the Aliens at this point.

P.S. I’m definitely on #TeamAlien if they come. I would join them in a heartbeat, even if I have to get probed/violated to join up, gotta make that sacrifice to be on the winning team.

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