The Change In Culture: Thank You Barstool

Ladies and gentlemen, I come to you today writing about a very important event taking place in the sports media industry. The attack on Barstool Sports. First off I want to say thank you to founder Dave Portnoy,  for establishing a culture that is being embraced amongst the industry. Are some things unethical and frowned upon? Absolutely. That comes with the territory though. Sportaholic isn’t a Barstool 2.0 we are a team of writers who fell in love with the raw gritty content that people need in this day and age. This is the new age media where people are now deciding to speak their mind in an uncut manner on events and in our case sports topics. With that being said, we respect the OG’s of the game such as ESPN and FOX Sports. But instead we, just like Barstool, want to take some of the same topics/content those companies cover and incorporate our own humor with uncut language into our writing in order to make reading our post enjoyable. That’s all that we want, right? Somewhere that the average American can go and read an article that speaks to them in a style that matches what they’re thinking. Are their disagreements? There should be. Open-mindedness is the foundation on which every human should operate. So, Barstool, we say thank you for paving the way into a culture we have inherited and love.

Barstool Sports launched onto the internet in 2007, shaking up the landscape of the sports media/blogging world. It gave you the raw uncut version of sports and most of all analysis of campus life in college. This sparked a movement that everyone has now known and embraced across the country. Hell, without it I don’t even think Instagram would be as popular. Don’t get me wrong I love seeing pictures of your dinner plates (I love food), pictures of your babies, and most of all the pictures where you go on vacation trying to take professional pictures for “the Gram”. But, I go on Instagram now to check out the funniest videos posted normally by Barstool and their affiliates. Still think the greatest take ever is Big Cat’s fascination with Bob Wylie, the Cleveland Browns offensive line coach. KFC thinking the Jets are back only to “Cuncel” the season due to their embarrassing loss to my Browns. The war between Smitty and Rapaport as he bangs out “Born in the USA” by Bruce Springsteen confirming what no one cared about, he juiced. Not to mention, I, like many others have sent out a Snapchat of me taking a bite of pizza and then reciting the wonderful lines of, “One bite everyone knows the rules”. This is the new age culture, I am all in!

Since no one wants to point out what has stemmed from the Barstool movement, I will. “The Ringer” a sensational podcast delivered by none other than Bill Simmons, has become iconic because of their joking atmosphere and use of profanity. Hell, even Fox Sports has just recently put out their own gambling show, years after Barstool had a blog telling you where to place your money on a weekly basis. Their amateur boxing that has filled arenas and provided fans entertainment, including my hometown, Youngstown, Ohio (Shoutout to Pat McGlone, Ryan Young, and Tom Finnerty on their glorious knockouts). They also give the little guys like us platforms to speak our mind and do it a manner in which we were sitting with the “boys” or “girls” (we don’t discriminate). Most of all they even employ the keyboard warriors that stand up for the freedom that this country was beautifully granted.

Why do we love Barstool? Because there is a “Stoolie” inside each and  every one of us. I guarantee half of the media that bashes the brand has sat back and laughed at a video or blog that Barstool has put up. The humor is endless, and it may be something this country needs. People wake up, work their boring 9 to 5 job, and tend to become miserable. Why not spend some time taking a break from that monotony and enjoy some laughter in our lives? Like I said some of this is not for everyone and that’s fine. The biggest thing and what people are failing to realize is even if you don’t like Barstool, writing about them is still giving them free publicity. “There’s no such thing as bad publicity” and you guys are continuing to make that narrative true.

My word of advice is to stop fighting it, embrace the new age culture because the uncut crazy shit you guys discriminate against is only going to become bigger and bigger with each minute that passes. So once again, thank you Barstool, because without you this page wouldn’t be happening and because many of us would still be cowering to speak our minds due to never having a real legit job. You guys changed the culture and with that, we embraced it and will continue to do so.


A sports blogger but most of all a proud Stoolie

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