Eminem Drops MGK Diss Track and ehhh


So today Eminem finally fired back at MGK for the diss track he dropped last week.  Anddddddd its not great. I think everyone was expecting Marshall to come back with something fierce in response to “Rap Devil” where MGK openly raps about Em’s daughter Hailey and baby momma Kim. MGK’s Diss track was just ehhh alright, it felt like he basically just dipped one toe into the water of this rap beef because while dissing Eminem he also felt the need to compliment him every other line. I don’t know about you but I like my rap beefs to have a violent undertone to them, especially in this day and age when we know that no one is really going to get murdered in a rap beef. For christ’s sake you can’t make joke in this day and age without being crucified by the PC police never mind actually harming someone.

So that’s why my initial reaction when hearing “Rap Devil” was that if I know me some Eminem like I think I do then he was gonna come out firing and not hold back. If 2000’s Eminem taught me anything, it’s that you don’t talk about his family without him eviscerating you on a track and basically proclaiming threats of death against you and everyone that you roll with. That’s what I was ready for and knew the response would be coming at some point. When I listened to “Killshot” for the first time I had the instant Eminem “Stan” Fan reaction and thought ooooohhh he gottt him, its over! Em killed him!!!!! But then the second and third time over that I listened, it kept just getting worse and made me realize that it unfortunately seems that his diss tracks have also gotten progressively worse along with his music in general. It appears gone are the days where you could count on Eminem to destroy any rapper that came at him and almost nobody ever dared to do so. I mean who remembers Chris Rock explaining why that was such a terrible idea.

But this was clearly the old days and it doesn’t appear that they are coming back. It seems in the year 2018 that a real rap beef appears to be long gone and Eminem just proved that to us. I think unfortunately even he has felt that wrath of the PC mongers that will trash you for everything that you say that isn’t aligned with their political correctness. Just sucks to see that has come all the way over into the world of rap which is all about freedom of expression and not meant to be taken literal. If he is afraid to cross that line in a rap beef anymore then who can we count on to do it? Certainly not Drake or whoever he is beefing with this week. Well at least we can count on Jcole to clown some mumble rappers and also try to help them at the same time with their personal issues, That’s Exciting! Oh well, I guess rap beefs are dead. Let’s just get back to trashing all these sound cloud losers and pray that the next generation decides to learn how to read before they learn how to rap.


P.s Here’s a classic Eminem diss track so we can reminisce the old days

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