RIP Mac Miller

Some really tough news coming through today with reports of Michael McCormick aka Mac Miller reportedly found dead from an overdose today. This one really hits home for a lot of people across the country today especially millenials. For many of us we associated Mac Millers music with a time in our lives when we were care free college aged kids and we still vividly remember that feeling of being at a party and having one of his early bangers come through the speakers.

Little known fact but I used to want to be a rapper when I was between the ages of about 18-21. While I knew I could never be as lyrically talented as the likes of Eminem or Nas, when I first heard of Mac Miller he was a complete inspiration for me at that time. Here was a kid from the same type of background as me that was making waves with his music that he basically at first produced on his own. He was one of the first rappers to really utilized Youtube as a platform to get his music out there to the world starting with 2011’s “Donald Trump” and “Best Day Ever”. He was so extremely talented and for a period in my life I would have wanted nothing more than to be him.

It’s terrible for it all to end this way and especially at the age of 26. He clearly had been struggling with a very rough and public breakup with the Hit pop star Ariana Grande along with substance abuse issues. Its hard to picture the guy who was known for always making mood-lifting fun rap music having a such dark side but its not as hard to believe. He’s was immediately thrust into fame around the age of 19 and never looked back. There’s nothing that can prepare you for that life, and you can’t judge a man until you walk a mile in his shoes and those shoes had probably been through some crazy shit, good and bad. Regardless I hope he is in a better place even though we all wish he was still here. His new album “Swimming” seems like a success and I think everyone would have loved to see him have a major comeback in his career. RIP Mac Miller.. One of the good guys.

P.s. I don’t think you can watch this video without tearing up, Gone way too soon.

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